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AUX-USB Plug Saver

AUX-USB Plug Saver

Part Number: AGA-A-U-PS
Price: $29.00
  • Problem: BMW E90 chassis, or any chassis with the same AUX-USB plug, has a broken aux connector in center counsel. This causes the USB and AUX connector to drop into the center console, making it impossible to plug in to the connector.
  • Solution: AGA’s AUX-USB Plug Saver is manufactured from spring steel, heat treated and black oxided to match the interior color of the center console and AUX-USB switch.
  • Benefit: The AUX-USB Plug Saver helps save time and money by providing an alternative to replacing the center console.
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Start by fishing the AUX connecter out of hole it has fallen into. Align with a pick

on the inside and use a screw driver from down below.


Once the connecter is out make sure the wires don’t fall back into the hole. Carefully push

on the plastic tabs and disconnect the two connectors to the AUX-USB power.


To install the AUX-USB Plug Saver slide it over the housing of the connector, until it clicks

into place.

NOTE: Push metal frame over the metal tabs at the same time to avoid bending the

USB-AUX Plug Saver.


Connect the USB power then connect the AUX connector back to the back of the switch. Push

the wires in and push the switch back down.

NOTE: If area where metal tabs make contact is damaged, it may be necessary to clean up

center console with exacto knife or similar. Carefully bending the metal tabs outward on

USB-AUX Connector to increase tension may also be needed.