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Performance Clutch Pin - Solid

Performance Clutch Pin - Solid

Part Number: AGA-CPP-202-659
Price: $24.00
  • The BMW factory pin is made from plastic which has very little heat resistance, which causes premature wear on the pin.
  • AGA Tools has reproduced this part to factory from a sturdy silicon bronze, making it heat resistant and durable.
  • The AGA Performance Solid Clutch Pivot Pin saves customers from having to do frequent, costly repairs by providing a life-long solution to factory parts.

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Models This Product Fits

    528i E12 630CSi E24 533i E28 325, e, es E30 735i E32
    530i E12 633CSi E24 535i, is E28 325i, is, iC, iX E30 525i E34
    320i E21 635CSi E24 M5 E28 M3 E30 535i E34
    733i E23 M6 E24 318i E30 318iM42 E30 M5 E34
    735i E23 528e E28            

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Quantity 1
Part # AGA-CPP-202-659
Description Performance Clutch Pin - 659 - Solid
Total $24.00

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These instructions are for experienced technicians only. This job should only be done by an experienced technician. If instructions are need to remove stock components refer to All Data, Mitchel or Factory Manual.


To install the pin, simply place pin in hole. Place socket that fits over dome without touching the end of pin. 13mm 12 point socket works well for this. Lightly tap socket with extension until the pin is fully seated. It is normal for the pin to fit tight. DO NOT hit end of pin with a hammer, punch extension, etc