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N73 Coolant Pipe with Install Tool

N73 Coolant Pipe with Install Tool

Part Number: AGA-N73-6061-T
Price: $833.00
  • This comes with the AGA N73 Expanding Coolant Pipe with the N73 Pipe Installation Tool. Note: This does not include the complete gasket kit.
  • First time buyers of the N73 Coolant Pipe, need the Install Tool in order to complete the repair.

US Patent 9163761
US Patent 8464424

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Models This Product Fits

  • Filment/Applications - 2003-2007: BMW 760 IL (e66)

Parts Included With This Kit

Quantity 1
Part # AGA-N73-6061
Description N73 Coolant Pipe
Quantity 1
Part # AGA-N73-Tool
Description N73 / 760 Install Tool
Total $833.00

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Cut cooling tube and remove rear part by hand. (Picture from 745 but same procedure on 760)


Drill a hole in the front part of tube. (Picture from 745 but same procedure on 760)


Pull tube out with lever bar.


Remove old seal with pick tool. Clean Seal Groove (Completely clean is a MUST, use a small wire brush to remove ALL debris from old seal, inspect with mirror. Picture from 745 but same procedure on 760).


Replacing Rear O-ring

[Part # 11-53-1-710-048]

Remove rear o-ring in back of engine block. Clean groove and install new o-ring. Part# 11-53-1-710-048 (Do not install the o-ring that comes on the pipe. It must stay in place on the pipe). Apply a little of the supplied grease to o-ring in rear of block.



[Part # AGA-N62-V SEAL]

(Seal placed on tube for shipping purposes)

Remove seal by hand from pipe

Install engine block front seal.

Flat end of the seal should be facing towards the front of the car when installed in engine block.

Apply white grease (supplied in the kit) to new seal; fold seal and insert into hole (see drawing on the left for directions).

Work seal into grove by hand.

Seal must be completely seated before installing tube. If necessary, push seal in place with a blunt tool (blue nylon tool supplied)

Take extreme care not to damage seal when installing.


Installing Cooling Tube

[Part # AGA-N73-6061]

Start with the tube collapsed. Lube tube on both ends with white grease (supplied in kit). Hold tube into engine block. Insert tube into rear of engine block. Tension block with viton stops down. Turn tube with special tool (AGA-N73-TOOL) so it expands, as front of the tube enters seal. Observe front seal with mirror from water pump side as the tube goes into seal. Seal CANNOTbe pinched. If seal pushes out, collapse tube a bit, turn tube without expanding from side to side turns and then continue expanding until seal can no longer be seen from water pump side.


Tighten tube by hand until it has tension on front and on the rear o-ring. NOTE: the back at the block is cast and will vary from car to car. It is normal for o-ring to contact more on top or bottom.

Do not over tighten!

Install all parts to seal cooling system.

Pressure test system to 15 Psi for minimum of 3 hours.

Observe for leaks in system and no leaks from the hole in the front timing cover.


How should the Coolant Pipe be installed?

The tapered portion of the coolant pipe should be facing the cylinder head. Make sure the pipe sits evenly in the pocket and extends all the way to the water pump. Extend the coolant pipe until the seal is no longer visible. The coolant pipe can be hand-tightened until secure.

Do you have to remove the water pump when installing the your coolant pipe?

No, you are not required to remove the water pump when replacing the coolant pipe in an N62, N62-TU or N73 engine. However, removing the water pump will help give you more visibility so that you can ensure that your seal is sitting properly in the vehicle.

What is the average repair time for the Coolant pipe replacement repair if I use your part?

The N73 Coolant Pipe repair takes approximately 12-15 Hours to complete.