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Billet Power Steering Reservoir - Angled

Billet Power Steering Reservoir - Angled

Part Number: AGA-PSR-6061-228-855
Price: $299.00
  • The AGA Billet Aluminum Power steering reservoir is made from aircraft grade 6061 billet aluminum.
  • The reservoir features an increased fluid capacity and cooling efficiency to reduce fluid breakdown and leakage, extending the life of your power steering system.
  • The reservoir is easy to disassemble, making service or replacement easier. AGA filters have an increased surface area when compared to the factory reservoir, which helps remove contaminants from you power steering system.
  • The factory power steering reservoir is prone to leaking, due to a limited power steering fluid capacity and limited cooling efficiencies.
  • See application chart below to see if this reservoir fits your vehicle.
  • Replaces BMW Factory Reservoir Part No. 32-41-2-228-855

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Models This Product Fits

  • M5 E39
  • M5 E60
  • M6 E63
  • M6 Conv. E64

Part Included

Quantity 1
Part # AGA-PSR-6061-228-855
Description Billet Power Steering Reservoir - Angled
Total $299.00

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These instructions are for experienced technicians only. This job should only be done by an experienced technician. If instructions are need to remove stock components refer to All Data, Mitchel or Factory Manual.

STEP 1: Remove

To reduce oil spilled during replacement, empty reservoir with suction device. If necessary, remove surrounding components (ex: air filter housing) to gain access to power steering hoses. Loosen clamping bolt on bracket. Remove clamps from hoses (If hose clamp is crimp type, cut with pliers) and remove reservoir.


Check condition of hoses. If cracking or swelling, replace hoses.


Installing reservoir: Fit hoses on reservoir. NOTE: supply and return hoses are different sizes. CAUTION: DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN CLAMPS. Slide reservoir into bracket and tighten clamping bolt. Fill reservoir with factory fluid to proper level. Start engine and let run for 1 minute. Shut engine off and let sit for 2-3 minutes. Recheck fluid level.

STEP 4: Vent Kit

Push nipple into vent hole in cap. Route the vent house to a low point in the engine compartment. Make sure the hose is away from belts and hot components in the engine compartment. Secure vent hose with zip ties. Do not over tighten zip ties causing the vent tube t be restricted.

What is the fluid capacity of the AGA Billet Power Steering Reservoir?

BMW’s power steering reservoir has a fluid capacity of 320 Ml. Our Power Steering Reservoirs has a fluid capacity of 604 Ml.

What is the average installation time?

It takes approximately 1-2 hours to install the AGA power steering reservoir. Less than an hour for rear lift.