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Mercedes-Benz Door Lever Repair Kit

Mercedes-Benz Door Lever Repair Kit

Part Number: AGA-MB-DLK-204
Price: $89.00
  • Problem: Your inside door lever has stopped working, because the plastic lever broke inside of the door. You can’t buy just the inside lever piece. You must order a new, complete door panel from Mercedes Benz which is expensive and also the lead time can be long depending on color and trim.
  • Solution: The AGA Door Lever Repair Kit allows you to repair your existing door lever for a fraction of the cost and in no time.
  • Benefit: Avoid replacing the complete door panel, the long lead time, color and texture possibly not matching, and saving money.

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Additional Tools Needed: torque wrench 27", door panel removal tool and a cut-off wheel tool, which can be substituted with diagonal cutters or an exacto knife.

Models This Product Fits

  • 2008-2015: Mercedes-Benz C-Class (W204)

Part Included

Quantity 1
Part # AGA-MB-DLK-204
Description Door Lever Repair Kit
Total $89.00

This Kit Comes with the Following Items:

  • Drill bit
  • Lever
  • Allen wrench
  • Factory cable clip
  • Hardware

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Remove door panel. This can vary from vehicle year and model. Refer to M/B manual, All Data,

or a similar information source for details on the exact removal procedure. Be careful not to pull

hard when removing the panel to avoid damaging any wire connections. 


We recommend placing the removed door panel on a clean surface with the inside facing up

and the top of the panel toward yourself. Place a clean support such as a box beneath the lever.

This will ensure that the lever will be in a closed/retracted position while doing the repair. 


Cut off remaining broken tab with a cut-off wheel or similar device. 


Grind or sand tab until it looks like this. 


Place new aluminum bracket on lever. Make sure the bottom of the new aluminum bracket

and the cut plastic lever is aligned (see arrows in picture).


Use the aluminum bracket as shown in the previous picture as a drill guide. Drill a hole in

the plastic lever using the supplied #28 drill. 


As shown in Picture A, the hole must be installed toward the top of the door panel

(closest to you) and the chamfered corner away from the lever. As show in Picture B,

place the threaded block in the bottom groove of the plastic lever. 


Install the aluminum bracket on top of the plastic lever. Install the supplied 8-32”

socket cap head screw with the provided 7/64” Allen wrench and tighten bolt.


Install the new OEM Mercedes clip that is supplied. If needed us the 7/64” allen wrench

for leverage as shown in picture. Then reinstall the door panel.