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Mercedes-Benz Door Lever Repair Kit Version 2

Mercedes-Benz Door Lever Repair Kit Version 2

Part Number: AGA-MB-DLK-204-V2
Price: $124.00
  • Problem: Your inside door lever has stopped working, because the plastic lever broke inside of the door. You can’t buy just the inside lever piece. You must order a new, complete door panel from Mercedes Benz which is expensive and also the lead time can be long depending on color and trim.
  • Solution: The AGA Mercedes-Benz Door Lever Repair kit version 2 is your solution. With this version, you can repair door levers broken in almost any area.
  • Benefit: With the version 2 Mercedes-Benz Door Lever Repair Kit, you can now repair both types of common broken door levers failures. This avoids expensive door panel replacements and long lead times on new door panel.
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