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Mercedes-Benz Intake Manifold Lever

Mercedes-Benz Intake Manifold Lever

Part Number: AGA-6061-MB-TL
Price: $199.00
  • Our lever is made to replace broken factory throttle levers on the Mercedes-Benz V6 M272 and V8 M273 Engines.
  • Our throttle lever is manufactured from 6061 aircraft grade billet aluminum and has been engineered to reduce unnecessary tension on the throttle flaps while maintaining full range of motion.
  • This includes just the throttle lever—gaskets not included.

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Models This Product Fits

  • V6 M272
  • V8 M273

Part Included

Quantity 1
Part # AGA-6061-MB-TL
Description Mercedes-Benz Throttle Lever
Total $199.00

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These instructions are for experienced technicians only. This job should only be done by an experienced technician.


Remove Intake Manifold. Refer to Mercedes Benz Procedures.


Carefully disconnect the left & right side metal lever. Remove broken ball from plastic actuator rod. Remove center bolt (torque #30).

STEP 3: Installing New AGA Throttle Lever:

Install left & right side metal lever. Do not use excessive force. If the ball does not snap in easy, center spring clip then apply pressure and ball will click in. Install center bolt (torque to 80in lbs./ 9nm) with Loctite on threads only. NOTE: Do not over tighten. This can crush shoulder on bolt and cause bending at lever.


Check that lever moves freely and that lever does not interfere with stud. *If stud does interfere with lever, trim stud slightly until it clears. DO NOT REMOVE the stud all the way since it retains the wires.* Install actuator plastic rod on ball. Replace intake manifold gaskets. Install manifold according to Mercedes Benz procedure and torque valves. Clear codes in system.

What is the average repair time?

Using our parts, the Mercedes-Benz Manifold Lever installation repair takes approximately 4-5 Hours to complete.