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Sunshade Repair Kit

Sunshade Repair Kit

Part Number: AGA-6061-SSK
Price: $119.00
  • Problem: The T-sliders are made of plastic and easily break. The T-sliders are not sold separately from BMW and it is costly to replace the entire sunshade.
  • Solution:AGA Tools has created a stronger T-slider made of 6061 aluminum so that it will never break.
  • Benefit: A potential $1100 to $1500 replacement of the sunshade would now be a repair job at a fraction of the cost. The T-sliders will last longer and are sold separately. The BMW Factory Sunshade was prone to sun damage and wear due the plastic used in the slider. AGA has developed T-Sliders made from durable, aircraft grade aluminum which eliminates the need to replace the sunshade completely—a repair that can cost upwards of $1,000.
  • NOTE: Due to multiple vendors manufacturing factory rear sunshade assemblies from year to year, it is impossible to determine with absolute certainty that our sunshade repair kit will fit the sunshade in your vehicle. Before ordering, please take a close look at the sunshade in your vehicle and ensure that the shapes of your sunshade sliders are the same shape as the replacements that we offer and that the sunshade slider is the broken portion of your sunshade.

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Models This Product Fits

  • E38
  • E39
  • E46
  • E60
  • E65
  • E66
  • Some Mercedes Benz Models

Parts Included

Quantity 2
Part # AGA-6061-SSK T Slider
Description Replacement Aluminum Slider
Quantity 2
Part # AGA-6061-SSK Rivet Set
Description Rivet Sets
Total $119.00

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Get sunshade in extended position. Take care not to rip the peripheral shade material. It is not necessary to remove sunshade assembly from car. New sliders can easily be installed in car. Pictures taken for instructions are taken out of car for demonstration purposes only.


Remove rail end cap by removing small Phillips screen holding end cap in place. Remove any broken parts from the old plastic T-slider. Observe direction of the long side on your model car since direction varies with model.


Grind out rivet from interior side. Start in center of rivet by grinding through dome of rivet. Go slow and take care NOT to generate heat that can melt the plastic on the sunshade arm. Remove rivet with small pliers. Make sure to NOT damage the end of the arm.

Note: On E38 and a few other models, rivet is installed from the other side and grinding the part is much easier. The long side of the slider goes towards the inside of the car on E38 models.


Install new slider with long side facing correctly according to your model. Slide new slider into grove of arm. (On E39, long side is towards rear window glass)


Fit female rivet into hole. Place male part of rivet in and push together with pliers. Rivet is barbed so it goes in easy and will not come out. DO NOT use excessive force. Make sure track is clean, lube if necessary. Insert slider into grove and install cap.

What BMW models does the Sunshade Repair Kit fit?

The AGA Tools Sunshade Repair Kit fits the E38, E39, E46, E60, E65, E66.

Would this fix work for a Mercedes-Benz sunshade as well?

Yes, on some models. This part is not sold separately from Mercedes-Benz or BMW so you won’t be able to look up the part number. Unfortunately, the best way is to determine this kit’s compatibility with a vehicle is simply to compare the product pictures on our site to the product in the car. Please call us if you need additional assistance.

What is the average repair time?

Using our kit, the Sunshade replacement repair takes approximately 2-3 Hours to complete.