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Cylinder Head Saver

Cylinder Head Saver

Part Number: AGA-ALL-CHS
Price: $29.00
  • Problem: Sharp edges on the head of the valve spring compressor tool can potentially come into contact with the cylinder head surface, causing damage.
  • Solution: All German Auto cylinder head saver.
  • Benefit: Provides protection against contact with cylinder head and valve spring compressor tool. It is cheap and durable insurance. FITS ALMOST ALL MODELS of spring compressors.
  • The majority of today’s cylinder heads are made from “easy-to-damage” aluminum. All German Auto has created a simple solution to update your valve spring compressor in order to protect cylinder heads from involuntary damage caused by the compressing tool. Our Cylinder Head Saver is a Delrin cup with a rubber insert, which easily attaches to nearly all valve spring compressors, providing a simple non slip layer of protection.
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Models This Product Fits

  • This tools fits most valve spring compressors

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Description All German Auto Cylinder Head Saver
Total $29.00

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To attach cylinder head saver to valve spring compressor remove steel U-shaped retainer clip.


Slide cylinder head saver over spring compressor foot and insert retainer clip.

Note: Since spring compressor foot varies a little in size with different brands bending the clip slightly to provide tension may be necessary.