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High-Pressure Fuel Pump Supply Port Caps

High-Pressure Fuel Pump Supply Port Caps

Part Number: AGA-CP-0-14
Price: $5.60
  • All German Auto has created these custom-made caps to keep fuel systems clean and free of debris when doing repairs.
  • These caps are made from a flexible yet durable material that grips tightly around fuel injection rail supplies. This material gives the caps the perfect fit, but are still easy to install and remove.
  • These high-visibility, bright orange caps ensure they are not lost in the engine, making them the perfect companion for repairing a fuel system.

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Models This Product Fits

  • All 14mm Ports

Parts Included With This Kit

Quantity 4
Part # AGA-CP-0-14
Description Injection Rail Supply Cap
Total $5.60

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