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Mercedes-Benz ABC Flush Tool

Mercedes-Benz ABC Flush Tool

Part Number: AGA-MB-ABC-FT
Price: $139.00
  • Flushing the system on a new Mercedes-Benz Active Body Control System is simple and clean when using All German Auto’s ABC Flush Tool.
  • The ABC Flush Tool allows you to flush the system by removing the filter from the top of the reservoir and inserting the tool into the fluid return port in the bottom of the reservoir. Place the supplied weighted hose into a catch container and perform the flush.
  • When you have completed the flush, remove the tool and reinstall the cap with a new filter. This tool saves technicians and customer’s time and money, without any spillage in the engine.

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Models This Product Fits

  • This product fits Mercedes-Benz vehicles with Active Body Control (ABC). The fluid is returned through the bottom of the ABC reservoir, not through the top of the reservoir cap.

Parts Included

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Description Flush Tool
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Total $119.00

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Verify that fluid level is in ABC reservoir is full, correct fluid level if needed.


Warm up ABC system to 80°C or 176ºF by Connect Star Diagnosis system and under Suspension menu select “Activate all suspension struts alternately in circular sequence (rodeo)” and start activation. Process will take approximately 15 min.


After warming up system shut off engine and removed large fill cap from reservoir which has the ABC system filter attached to the bottom of it.


Insert the AGA Mercedes-Benz ABC Flushing Tool through the large opening in the top of the reservoir and press it down firmly so that it seals into the return port in the bottom of the fluid reservoir. At the same time place the weighted end of the flush tool line into a suitable drain bucket (min. size 15L). Start engine and let it run at idle. In the Star Diagnosis System select “Actuations/Actuate front and rear suspension struts alternately (pitching)”. As the suspension is raised and lowered the old fluid will be pumped out though the tool and into the drain bucket. Monitor the ABC reservoir fluid level during this process, keeping it full to avoid sucking air into the system; do this by pouring fluid around the flush tool into the reservoir. Let system run and flush until approximately 10L of fresh fluid has been run through the system.


When flush is complete:

  • Stop “pitching” activation
  • Turn off engine
  • Remove flush tool from reservoir
  • Install new ABC Filter on reservoir cap
  • Reinstall reservoir cap
  • Set vehicle ride height in Star Diagnostic System
  • Correct fluid level in reservoir
  • Disconnect Star Diagnosis System
  • ABC Fluid Service is Complete
  • Can you preform the Mercedes-Benz ABC flush without the star diagnostic system?

    Yes, you can use the tools without the Star Diagnostic System. Even though it is easier with the star tester, you can manually activate the ride height button on the dash on/off and flush the system.

    What is the average repair time?

    Using our tools, the Mercedes-Benz ABC Flush takes approximately 1-1.5 Hours to complete.