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N62 Carbon Removal Hook

N62 Carbon Removal Hook

Part Number: AGA-N62-CRH
Price: $89.00
  • If your N62 Engine has carbon build-up, our carbon removal hook can save you time and money.
  • AGA Tools has created a simple tool that can eliminate the need to remove the cylinder heads from the engine when cleaning out exhaust ports. Remove the exhaust manifold and use our removal hook to scrape the exhaust ports clean, restoring the secondary air flow back to factory levels.
  • Note: Handle included.

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Models This Product Fits

  • This product works on BMW N62 engines.

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Part # AGA-N62-CRH
Description N62 Carbon Removal Hook
Total $89.00

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Turn over the engine on the front crank center with 27mm socket until exhaust valves on cylinder you are working on are closed.


Insert tool into valve port you want to clean.


Rotate tool towards air port until you hear a click or hook enters port.


Pull up into the crossover port to reach the carbon buildup. In the beginning some resistance may be met. Start by wiggling side to side while pulling up, to move through carbon deposit.


Continue pulling the tool all the way up to achieve full penetration, all the way up into the main rail. To remove tool, push tool back into the port. Rotate tool so tip is in the center of port before pulling tool out of port.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When cleaning is completed blow port clean with compressed air. To remove loose carbon secondary air can be activated to verify air flow from crossover ports.


Pull tool completely out of valve pocket before inserting tool into next port to clean. Repeat step 1 through 6.

Note: You cannot transition directly into the next crossover port because you will be at a severe angle and will bend the prong.

If you happen to bend the tool, it can easily be reset to its original angle by hand. Using a caliper as a measuring device, simply bend the tool until you are at 25 mm or 1 inch distance from the back of the tool to the tip.

Replacement blades are available, part #AGA-N62-CRB

What’s the difference between the square carbon blade and the replacement carbon blade?

The four-sided square blade is used to tackle heavy-duty carbon buildup and should be used in conjunction with the original carbon removal hook. Use the square blade to puncture the carbon and the original blade to finish the extraction. The amount of carbon in your engine will depend on the vehicle’s mileage and the duration of the problem.