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N63 Cam Timing Kit

N63 Cam Timing Kit

Part Number: AGA-CTK-N63
Price: $539.00
  • AGA’s N63 Cam Timing Kit includes all the tools needed to perform the necessary steps to replace the camshafts and VANOS timing in a N63 engine.
  • This includes…
  • Cam timing tool kit
    Includes chain tensioner tool for N63 engines
    Laser cut case to carry all the parts

  • This cam timing tool kit is more cost effective and easier to use. Like many AGA Tools and Products, this repair can be completed with the engine still install in the vehicle.

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Models This Product Fits

  • BMW 750i & 750iX (FO1) Produced 9/2008-6/2012
  • BMW 750i & 750iX (FO2) Produced 9/2008 to 6/2012
  • BMW Hybrid 7 & 7L (F04) Produced 4/2010 to 6/2012
  • BMW GT (F07) Produced 9/2009 to 6/2012
  • BMW 550i Produced 3/2010 to 7/2013
  • BMW 650i & 650iX (F12) Produced 3/2011 to 7/2012
  • BMW 650iX (F13) Produced 7/2011 to 7/2012
  • BMW X5 50iX (E70) Produced 3/2010 to 6/2013
  • BMW X6 50iX (E71) Produced 7/2008 to 6/2014
  • BMW Hybrid X6 (E72) Produced 9/2009 to 9/2011

Parts Included With This Kit

Quantity 1
Part # AGA-11-9-892
Description Hold Down Bar
Quantity 1
Part # AGA-11-9-893-EX-N63
Description Cam Plate Exhaust
Quantity 1
Part # 1AGA-11-9-893-IN-N63
Description Cam Plate Intake
Quantity 1
Part # AGA-11-9-190
Description Crank Pin
Quantity 1
Part # AGA-11-8-570
Description Crank Holder
Quantity 1
Part # AGA-11-9-900
Description Chain Tensioner
Quantity 1
Part # AGA-G060-N63
Description Chain Tensioner Gauge
Quantity 1
Part # AGA-125-TLP
Description Tensioner Locking Pin
Quantity 1
Part # AGA-8-12-A
Description Adapter 8-12mm
Total $495.00

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Note: This tool is intended for use with the engine in the car. This procedure can also be done with the engine out of the car.

Note: All German Auto recommends using our direct fuel injector kit (AGA-DIF-KIT) to remove and install direct injectors.

Remove valve covers if servicing left and right sides. Only perform cam adjustment on one side at a time.


Turn engine over with 27mm socket in clockwise direction until mark on balancer is close to timing groove in front cover.


Note: when in correct position small flat on cams is facing up on intake and exhaust cams both banks.


Install AGA-11-8-570 facing balancer. Turn engine over slowly in a clockwise direction until pin just drops in timing groove. This sets the engine to 150° before cylinder number 1 firing TDC.


Install AGA-11-9-893-IN-N63 and install AGA-11-9-893-EX-N63 if both plates are perfectly align with cylinder head surface, then the cam timing is correct.

If adjustment is needed or cams need to removed, proceed with the following steps.


Install 12mm to 8mm adapter and hold down bar AGA-11-9-892 tighten firmly by hand.


Remove cam solenoids and timing cover, exposing timing chain tensioners.


Pull back timing pin. Turn engine very slightly counter clockwise to collapse hydraulic chain tensioners enough to push in locking pin. See pictures:


Pin will keep piston in retracted position for tensioner removal. Rotate engine clockwise slightly to push timing pin back in front cover timing groove.


Loosen E14 M10X1 cam adjuster bolts. Remove cam plate, hold down intake and exhaust plate. Remove 12mm to 8mm adapter.


Remover center chain guide. Remove bolt and remove cam adjusters intake and exhaust while supporting chain by hand. Note: adjuster timing position is not critical to cam or chain.


Loosen cam cap bolts and remove cams. Note: keep track of rocker arm location—they should not be interchanging.

To install cams:

  • Oil and install all cams
  • Evenly tighten cam caps and bolts to 15nm
  • STEP 12

    To assemble:

  • Lube bolt under head with copper anti-seize.
  • Install exhaust cam adjuster with bolt. Finger tight only.
  • Install intake cam adjuster with bolt. Finger tight only.
  • Install center chain rail.
  • Install 12mm to 8mm adapter.
  • Install intake plate and exhaust plate.
  • STEP 13

    Transfer bolts from stock chain tensioner to chain tensioning tool (AGA-11-9-900). Tighten T40 bolts to 13nm.

    STEP 14

    Tighten adjuster by hand to remove chain slag. Tighten with 10mm open end wrench until gauge tool (AGA-G060-N63) can just be inserted between 10mm hex and round end. Lube with copper anti-seize under bolt head.

    With timing chain preload now correct under bolt head tighten E14 M10x1 cam adjuster bolts to 30nm and 90° clockwise on intake and exhaust.

  • Remove cam plate hold down
  • Remove cam plates intake and exhaust
  • Remove crank pin and holder
  • Turn engine over by center bolt 720° or two turns

    Install crank holding tool and pin

    Reinstall intake and exhaust plate to ensure correct timing

    Note: plates must align with cylinder head surface

    install cam hold down to prevent cams from turning. Back off chain preload tool. Transfer bolts back to stock tensioner. Torque T40 bolts to 13nm and remove pin.