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N63 Valve Stem Seal Master's Collection

N63 Valve Stem Seal Master's Collection

Part Number: AGA-N63-VSK-K-VK
Price: $1,882.90
  • Just like our N62 Value Bundle, the N63 Valve Stem Seal Value Bundle is a complete set of all the tools needed to replace valve stem seals on N63 engines. This value bundle includes our most popular products: the N63 valve stem seal tool kit, the N63 Cam Timing Tool Kit, the Fuel Injector Kit, and the N63 Update Kit.
  • This bundle includes our patent-pending tools that have revolutionized the way shops replace valve stem seals in N63 engines. The all-new update kit, included in this bundle, contains the N63 Valve Stem Seal Installer. This tool eliminates the need of using the OEM plastic sleeve, making installing quick and easy.
  • The N63 Valve Stem Seal Value Bundle is offered at a discount, saving you more than $95 when compared to buying the tools individually.
  • BMW Part # 83 30 2 408 268
  • Note: This N63 Valve Stem Seal Tool is used for BMW Service Bulletin B11 08 15
  • Note: The 14mm and 17mm Self-Flexing Sockets are NOT included in this N63 Valve Stem Seal Master Kit. The Self-Flexing Sockets must be purchased separately.

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Models This Product Fits

  • BMW 750i & 750iX (FO1) Produced 9/2008-6/2012
  • BMW 750i & 750iX (FO2) Produced 9/2008 to 6/2012
  • BMW Hybrid 7 & 7L (F04) Produced 4/2010 to 6/2012
  • BMW GT (F07) Produced 9/2009 to 6/2012
  • BMW 550i Produced 3/2010 to 7/2013
  • BMW 650i & 650iX (F12) Produced 3/2011 to 7/2012
  • BMW 650iX (F13) Produced 7/2011 to 7/2012
  • BMW X5 50iX (E70) Produced 3/2010 to 6/2013
  • BMW X6 50iX (E71) Produced 7/2008 to 6/2014
  • BMW Hybrid X6 (E72) Produced 9/2009 to 9/2011

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The Motor Won’t Rotate When Performing The Valve Stem Seal Repair. What Should I do?

It’s likely that you have something lodged in the cylinder on top of the piston. Carbon buildup can drop from the valve onto the piston during removal, causing a jam. The piston is unable to squeeze the carbon build up through the .5mm clearance in the cylinder head, which prevents the motor from rotating to top dead center. We recommend using a borrow scope to see if there’s anything located on top of the cylinder in top dead center that was previously worked on. If you notice debris, use a needle nose nozzle to remove the blockage with compressed air.

What is the average repair time for N63 valve stem seal replacement if I use your kit?

N63 Valve Steam Seal Repair

  •  5/7 Series- 26-28 Hours
  •  X5 & X6- 29.5 Hours
  • How much PSI should I put into the cylinder head during the Valve Stem Seal repair?

    Our technicians use around 15-20 PSI of pressure when performing the leak down test.

    Are the valve stem seals you sell OEM?

    No. The valve stem seals included in our kits are manufactured by Elring and made out of Viton, a brand of synthetic rubber and fluoropolymer elastomer that withstands high temperatures better than the OEM seals supplied by BMW.

    Do the N63 and N62 Valve Stem Seal Tool Kits have everything I need to complete the valve stem replacement repair?

    The Master's Collection Kit has everything you need to complete the repair including the Cam Timing Tool Kit, the Fuel Injector Tool Kit and the N63 Update Kit. However, you will need to purchase these items separately if you decide to go with our basic kit. We sell these items separately, however, it is not necessary for you to use our kits exclusively.

    Will the N63 Valve Stem Seal Tool Kit work on an N62 engine?

    No. The N63 tool kits will not work on N62 or N62-TU engines. This kit is designed specifically for N63 engines.

    Do I need to replace the camshaft bolts during the N63 or N62 Valve Stem Seal Repair? Are camshaft bolts included in the kits?

    It is strongly recommended by BMW that you replace the camshaft bolts during the repair, but it is not required. Camshaft bolts are currently not included in our Valve Stem Seal tool kits.

    Is there a way to tell if my stem seals are good without having to remove them?

    There is no way to determine the condition of the seals without removing them. However, if you have no oil consumption or smoke coming from the tail pipe, your seals should be in good condition. As a reference we typically see vehicles come in for the valve stem seals at about 90,000-120,000 miles, when the car is smoking.

    Can the valve stem seal repair be completed without removing the engine?

    The only major component that needs to be removed is the valve covers. This is what makes the repair so affordable!