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Universal Light Kit

Universal Light Kit

Part Number: AGA-ULK-20
Price: $189.00
  • Problem: Working on an intricate job inside of an engine bay and there is never enough light to see what you are working on. Working in dim lit areas makes it difficult to see. Which in turn makes it more difficult to do the job and increase the chance of making mistakes.
  • Solution: AGA’s Universal Light Kit. We have designed a light kit that clips on to objects in the engine compartment in order to make it easier to see. Each Light Bar produces 560 lumens and is 6000-6500 Kelvin pure white light. The kit is also waterproof.
  • Benefit: Provides superior lighting for poorly lit, limited and tight work areas. Increase visibility when working in dim lit areas, and greatly reduces the chance of making mistakes.

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Slide infinite adjustable magnetic clamps onto light bar.


Clip the light bar onto anything in the engine with the infinite adjustable magnetic clamps. Or you

can use the magnetic side on the inside of the fender well or what is easiest mounting for your application.


If used in combination with the AGA Universal Tool Tray (part # AGA-SS-UTT), simply

push mounts onto tray.


Plug two connectors into splitter and the power strip that comes with the Universal Light Kit.