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Universal Tool Tray

Universal Tool Tray

Part Number: AGA-SS-UTT
Price: $169.00
  • Problem: When working on a vehicle there is no room to lay down the tools and parts in the engine compartment. This creates frustration for the technician. Increased chance of losing tools and making costly mistakes.
  • Solution: AGA’s Universal Tool Tray. It is made from heavy duty 18 gauge 304 stainless steel with formed edges. The kit has legs that can be reversed as hooks, making the tray universal usable in almost any application.
  • Benefit: Avoid turning around to place objects behind you with the Universal Tool Tray placed in front of you. Due to many adjustable scenarios, the tray it can fit onto almost any engine.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The AGA Universal Light Kit is sold separately.

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To install the legs and endplate, simply install the supplied knobs through the holes

in leg or endplate. Make sure both washers and the center compression washer

stays on the outside of the legs. As shown in the picture on left.

NOTE: Both bolt, stainless steel washers, and compression washer in the center

stays on the outside of the leg.


Place Universal Tool Tray in the engine area and adjust legs to create stability. Then

place your tools and parts on the Universal Tool Tray as needed.

Here shown with optional AGA Universal Light Kit. Part # AGA-ULK-20. SOLD SEPARATELY