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Inner Collet Replacement Tool

Inner Collet Replacement Tool

Part Number: AGA-WLRT-IC
Price: $79.00

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Description Inner Collet
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These instructions are for experienced technicians only. An experienced technician should only do this job.


Clean wheel hole for dirt and debris. Use compressed air if needed. (WEAR SAFETY GLASSES)

Insert tool, making sure the tool is covering the entire wheel lock. Insert pin through cross hole

and use as leverage. While pushing in, tighten outer collet of wheel tool by hand. At first, there

will be some play. Continue tightening by hand until outer collet is tight, and no movement is felt. 


Make sure the other wheel bolts (4) are torqued to manufactures spec. Rotate wheel until wheel

lock bolt and tool is at 12 O’clock (on top). Lower vehicle until weight of vehicle is no longer

supported by the lift. Make sure the car is in park with parking brake on.


While supporting the weight of the slide hammer, (slide hammer not included) thread slide

hammer with 5/8-18 thread adapter into wheel lock removal tool until threads are visible in

cross hole. Slide hammer outwards until wheel lock collar is removed. Unthread tool from

the slide hammer. 


Loosen outer collet. Remove key lock and ring from tool. The wheel lock bolt is now

separated into three pieces with bolt splines exposed. 


Insert wheel lock remover with male splined end into the exposed female spline on

wheel lock bolt. Make sure to align the splines properly by hand. Use brass of plastic hammer

to fully seat removal tool into wheel bolt. Break wheel bolt free with breaker bar by hand only.

With 17mm socket.(DO NOT use impact tool) 


Insert pin through the center of bolt removal tool. Strike head of pin with brass or plastic

hammer, until wheel lock and tool is separated. Insert new bolt in wheel, tighten all wheel bolts to spec.

Clean and Lube threads & collet regularly. Use engine oil or grease.